Understanding the needs and aspirations of our clients, combined with our strong, practical experience in the industry, enables us to deliver technical guidance and solutions that recognise, and are sympathetic to, the wider commercial and technical constraints of a project.

What if the acoustics of buildings were as good as they looked? We care about solutions that work for your building.

From echoey reception spaces to poor acoustic separation between segregated spaces and noisy plant, the subjective impression of quality of a building can be quickly compromised, even if the architectural concept and finish is of high specification. We take pride in ensuring that acoustic performance is integral to the building design and proposing acoustic criteria that are appropriate to the project and client’s needs rather than simply following Standards. Above all, our customer care is second to none and you can be assured we’ll be working hard to provide the best advice and service.

Using our extensive experience, we can demonstrate viability of development proposals and precedents obtained in other areas, ensuring we offer robust and holistic solutions.

MZA can provide a wide range of environmental noise and vibration impact assessments for all types of planning applications / appeals, ranging from small standalone assessments to input into Environmental Statements and Planning Appeals. Our pragmatic approach and experience in full project lifecycle design enables us to provide valuable input at master-planning and concept stages in order to ensure suitability and viability from day one.

Effective, practical and cost-effective control of both noise and vibration from small, medium and large items of building services equipment, to internal and external areas.

Building services are a fundamental part of modern building design but can be a source of noise and / or vibration. Our extensive experience includes domestic installations, commercial and education schemes, energy centres, industrial applications and even major power generation infrastructure. We can provide a full range of building services acoustics services from initial concept, through design and installation inspections, but can also undertake trouble-shooting, diagnosis, preparation of mitigation schemes and condition monitoring.

Our experience, coupled with our strong relationships with suppliers, enables us to guide design teams through the challenging process of using whole building isolation systems.

Our team has worked on numerous projects where whole building isolation systems have been used to protect noise sensitive areas of new buildings from structure borne re-radiated noise from underground train movements. The knowledge of the application and integration of such systems can form a vital element in a project’s success. We understand the implications that whole building isolation systems can have on a project, and work with design teams to ensure this requirement is minimised wherever possible.

In addition to our core services, we offer a range of specialist acoustic services including:

  • Intelligibility assessments of PA/VA systems
  • Construction/Demolition noise and vibration monitoring, including COPA Section 61 assessments
  • Pre-completion acoustic testing services
  • Noise and vibration at work assessments
  • Windfarm noise studies
  • Expert Witness services