Critical Infrastructure

Our strategic advice and detailed technical solutions will ensure your project achieves its goal at best value, with minimal impact on core business functions.

Whether your goal is to replace life-expired engineering assets, reduce carbon emissions or to respond to changing business requirements such as increased occupancy or change in use of an asset, our team has provided building services critical infrastructure advice across all sectors. We’ve worked on multi-building campuses in which the function of the overall site must continue to operate such as universities, prisons and other secure facilities through to critical financial facilities in which the activities of individual areas such as data centres and trader floors must operate uninterrupted 24/7/365.

In all cases, we have experience in advising our clients in developing critical infrastructure strategies and have completed the detailed design to allow project realisation.

Examples of the advice we provide as part of an critical infrastructure project are:

  • Condition surveys to identify constraints of existing assets and allow investment to be targeted to where it adds best value
  • Statutory compliance audits to confirm the building services are meeting legal requirements
  • Identification of systems serving mission-critical facilities and subsequent single points of failure (SPoF) and failure-mode cause/effect analysis
  • Energy analysis and target setting for infrastructure upgrades to allow benchmarking and financial incentives to be included in upgrade feasibility assessments and funding applications
  • Development of detailed phased upgrade strategies to allow progressive improvement whilst maintaining the functions of the asset and required resilience levels
  • Development of designs to remove SPoFs
  • Liaison with utility suppliers to optimise availability and resilience of incoming utility supplies
  • Identification of opportunities to return inefficiently utilised plant space to increase nett internal area (NIA) of an asset
  • Development and proving of plant movement strategies to ensure solutions can be practically achieved – preventing upgrade strategies from stalling part way through

To find out more about our Critical Infrastructure capability and how we can influence your project, please contact Chris Bryant:

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