Architectural Acoustics

Wouldn’t it be great if the acoustics of buildings were as good as the design and finish looked? That’s what we care about at MZA – solutions that work for your building.

From echoey reception spaces to poor acoustic separation between segregated spaces and noisy plant, the subjective impression of quality of a building can be quickly compromised, even if the architectural concept and finish is of high specification.

MZA take pride in ensuring that acoustic performance is integral to the building design and proposing acoustic criteria that are appropriate to the project and client’s needs rather than simply following Standards. Above all, we aim to ensure that customer care is second to none.

When you employ MZA Acoustics you can be assured we will be working hard to provide the best advice and the best service.

To find out more about our Architectural Acoustics capability and how we can influence your project, please contact:


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